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Off Key... and Quirky!

Leah at Winnipeg Jets Game

Student Leah Jenae signing the National Anthems at Winnipeg Jets Game.

Mira + pumpkins

Miss Tiffany and student Mira's generous pumpkin gift.

Music Festival - Group shot

Gold sticker winners at The Winnipeg Music Festival.

Mermaid singing

The studio's very own little mermaid, Emiline performs "Part of Your World" at MRMTA Musicthon, 2023.

Halloween Miss Tiffany

Miss Tiffany's Terrifyingly Terrific Studio is haunted in October.


I spy with my little eye... a cute musical mouse!

Adjudicating with two fab assistants

Adjudicating with two fab assistants (Ally & Angelica)

Serata promo

Serata: An Evening of Musical Delights organized by Miss Tiffany.

Miss Tiffany's Family!

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