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Music Lessons for Everyone

The Music Studio of Tiffany A. Wilson is a welcoming environment in Bridgwater, Winnipeg for musicians of all ages and levels of experience (whether beginner or advanced) to learn, be inspired, and most of all create beautiful music! A safe space for all to learn, grow, and express themselves.

Recital group photo.HEIC

Miss Tiffany, as she is lovingly known, is dedicated to ensuring not only musical but also personal growth. 


Students who study with Miss Tiffany learn politesse, how to master techniques, adaptation to diverse musical genres, performance etiquette, and many more enlightening lessons on the life-long musical journey.


Music lessons with Miss Tiffany inspire the soul, challenge the mind, and produce talented musicians--some of whom have gone on to sing professionally, have won both International and local music competitions such as NATS, Winnipeg Music Festival, and MRMTA and who are pursuing degrees at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Music. 

What Students Are Saying


"Tiffany A Wilson; role model, voice coach. The type of woman you want in your life.


The past 4 years of my life have been an ever-changing vocal journey, from wanting NO vibrato - to having as much as "Brunilda", from pop slurs, to classical trills.


I've made the full circle with Miss Tiffany coaching me and applauding me through it all.

Miss Tiffany A. Wilson; a friend ♡."

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